Johan Lolos | Toyota Driven

Johan Lolos | Toyota Driven
As a travel photographer, Johan Lolos travels the world to discover and capture natural beauty, as well as to document the different cultures he encounters.

Johan’s career started by taking a chance and by being bold. After his studies in Belgium he bought a one-way ticket to Australia, where he turned his passion for photography into his profession. Today, Johan is one of Europe’s leading travel photographers and a Toyota 4×4 ambassador.

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Driven: A documentary series about the people, not the cars

This series is not about Toyota cars. Driven is a story about the people who drive our cars. And more importantly: it is about what drives them. It is a story about their direction in life rather than their destination. We are not selling you a car. We are showing you a dream. We are telling you a story and hopefully taking you along the road. Where are you heading?

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